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Auditions: Anything Goes

September 1st, 2019

The Players Club of Swarthmore will be holding auditions for the Main Stage production of Anything Goes on Wednesday, December 4, 2019 and Monday, December 9 at 7PM.

Auditions: Wednesday, December 4th and Monday, December 9th at 7pm. Sign in at the lobby.
Callbacks: Sunday, December 15th at 7pm.
Open Call: Performers will be seen on a first-come/first-served basis.
Where: Players Club of Swarthmore, 614 Fairview Road in Swarthmore, Pa.
Show Dates are April 17th – May 2nd. Strike is May 3rd and attendance is required.
If you have any questions, email director Anthony SanFilippo at asf3737@gmail.com
Performers should prepare a song to sing (details below) and also be prepared to dance – including tap.
Everyone should bring tap shoes if they have them. Also, bring another pair of shoes in which you would be comfortable dancing. Women should bring Character shoes if they have them.
Each person auditioning for a role in which tap dancing is or may be required (as identified in the character list below) is asked to come prepared with a 30-to-45 second tap solo showcasing your ability level, step clarity, and personality. We will have a Bluetooth speaker for you to connect to so please have your music readily available on your phone. If you don’t have a phone that can connect to the speaker, please email the director in advance so we can have your song ready for you.
If you are not an experienced tap dancer, who can put together their own solo, don’t fret. We will be posting a simple routine with a tutorial for you to learn on the Audition Event Page on Facebook on Nov. 20. (If you are not on Facebook, email the director and we will send you the video via another means). We will not be reviewing this routine at auditions – please come prepared to perform it. Tap shoes are preferred, otherwise sneakers or jazz shoes will suffice. Don’t worry about perfection, we’re looking to see that you made an effort to learn.
In addition to the tap solo, we will also be including another video of non-tap choreography for everyone to learn. We will review this routine quickly at auditions and will answer any questions you may have at that time. In an effort to remain conscious of everyone’s time, please come prepared having learned the choreography and only needing a quick review.
Sides, as well as specific musical selections from the show, will be provided at Callbacks for specific characters.
Audition forms will be available when you sign in but if you can, please fill out an audition form in advance. They are available here.
Head shots and resumes are not required but are incredibly helpful (hint…hint).
Additionally, please be prepared to list ALL known conflicts between Jan. 13 and May 3. Rehearsals will MOSTLY take place on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday evenings, although there will be some other rehearsal dates as we get closer to opening night.
****All Roles are open and are open to all (High School Seniors and older).*****

*****Please read the following about your audition song*****
Song Selection: 16-32 bars (about 30 seconds to a minute).
Anything Goes is a traditional musical, with some jazz undertones. It’s from the “Golden Age” of Musical Theater
The music requires a legit (not pop) sound. Here is a list of composers you should look at, and those composers you should avoid.
Good Composers:

  • Frank Loesser (How to Succeed, The Most Happy Fella, Guys and Dolls)
  • Rodgers and Hammerstein (Oklahoma!, Allegro, Carousel, South Pacific)
  • Rodgers and Hart (Pal Joey, A Connecticut Yankee, Jumbo, The Boys from Syracuse)
  • Lerner and Loewe (Brigadoon, My Fair Lady, Camelot)
  • Bock and Harnick (Fiorello!, She Loves Me, Fiddler on the Roof)
  • Styne (Gypsy, Bells are Ringing, Funny Girl)
  • Flaherty and Ahrens (Ragtime, Anastasia)
  • Schwartz (Rags, Children of Eden)
  • Cole Porter (Anything Goes – Yes, you can audition with a song from the show, Kiss Me Kate)

Composers to Avoid: Jason Robert Brown, Jonathan Larson, Stephen Sondheim, Jeff Blumenkrantz, Georgia Stitt, Andrew Lloyd Webber, David Yazbek, Kerrigan and Lowdermilk.
Please pick an audition song that:

  • Shows vocal range and showcases what your voice does best. Pick something that you know you can sing to the best of your ability.
  • Allows you to ACT. Tell a story. Read the lyrics of the songs you are choosing.
  • Showcases you for the character/characters for which you are interested.

*****Please bring your own Sheet Music for the accompanist to play******
Director Anthony SanFilippo will be looking for a diverse cast of approximately 30-32 talented performers (Singers, Dancers, & actors).

Character Descriptions (by order of appearance)

Reno Sweeney – A charismatic nightclub singer and former evangelist, she is clever, funny, persuasive and extremely confident. Strong singing and dancing is required. MUST TAP. Also needs excellent comedic timing.

Gender: Female
Age: 30s
Voice: Mezzo-Soprano
Vocal Range Top: D#5
Vocal Range Bottom: G3

Moonface Martin – A loveable gangster who is also loyal and willing to go the distance for friends, both new and old. Requires excellent comedic timing, plus the ability to sing and move well. MAY BE ASKED TO TAP. New York accent preferred.

Gender: Male
Age: 30s to 50s
Voice: Tenor
Vocal range top: F#4
Vocal range bottom: Bb3

Hope Harcourt – A beautiful debutante and heiress with a strong sense of duty. She is willing to sacrifice love and marry someone else to satisfy her mother’s wishes. Strong singing and dancing required. MAY BE ASKED TO TAP.

Gender: Female
Age: 20s
Voice: Soprano
Vocal range top: A#5
Vocal range bottom: A4

Billy Crocker – A young businessman who is in love with Hope and will do absolutely anything to get her to change her mind. He is charming and charismatic. Must be a strong singer and should be able to dance well. MAY BE ASKED TO TAP.

Gender: Male
Age: 20s-Early 30s.
Voice: Tenor
Vocal range top: G4
Vocal range bottom: B3

Lord Evelyn Oakleigh – Hope’s energetic, quirky yet good-natured, aristocratic fiancée. Gullible, Nerdy, but definitely earnest. British Accent Required. Strong singer who can also move well. MAY BE ASKED TO TAP.

Gender: Male
Age: 30s-40s
Voice: Baritone
Vocal range top: G4
Vocal range bottom: C3

Evangeline Harcourt – Hope’s overbearing mother who is mainly concerned with her daughter marrying into money and her family’s social status. Her emotions swing very quickly in this show, so excellent range and comic timing is required. Sings primarily with the ensemble, although there are a few solo lines. While there isn’t specific dancing required, a mover is preferred for this production – and tapping ability, while not required, is a bonus.

Gender: Female
Age: 50s-60s
Voice: Any

Elisha Whitney – A successful Wall Street banker who is nearsighted and believes he is always right. He also likes to drink a little too much. Completely loyal to Yale University and anyone who went there. While there isn’t specific dancing required, a mover is preferred for this production – and tapping ability, while not required, is a bonus.

Gender: Male
Age: 50s-60s
Voice: Baritone
Vocal range top: D4
Vocal range bottom: C3

Erma Latour – A playful, independent, impulsive and loveably clueless “dame.” Buxom, brassy, sexy – a typical 1920s/30s “gun moll.” Jersey (Joisey?) accent preferred. Excellent singer and dancer. TAP DANCING PREFERRED. (This character was known as “Bonnie” in older versions of the show).

Gender: Female
Age: 20s-30s
Voice: Mezzo-Soprano
Vocal range top: E5
Vocal range bottom: A3

Ship’s Captain – The man in charge of the S.S. American. He is sharp, intelligent, former military, and decisive. However, he does concern himself a bit too much with the ship’s manifest, longing for celebrity passengers. A lot of one-liners in this show means he needs excellent comic timing. Sings mostly with the ensemble but does have a few solo lines. Dancing is not required, but a mover would be a plus. Tapping ability would be a bonus.

Gender: Male
Age: 40s-50s
Voice: Bass/Baritone

Ship’s Purser – A reliable, alert and by-the-book assistant to the captain, who is also really uptight. Sings mostly with the ensemble but does have a few solo lines. Dancing is not required, but a mover would be a plus. Tapping ability would be a bonus.

Gender: Male
Age: 30s-50s
Voice: Tenor

Reno’s Angels (Purity, Charity, Chastity and Virtue) – Four (4) backup singers/dancers in Reno’s act. They are showgirls with personality, pizzazz and sex appeal. Strong singers. MUST BE EXCELLENT DANCERS and MUST TAP.

Gender: Female
Age: 20-30s
Voices: Various

Chanty Quartet – Four (4) sailors who can sing and dance and are featured in a few songs. Vocal preference is one each of tenor 1, tenor 2, baritone and bass, but there is flexibility. All four should sing well and dance well. MUST TAP.

Gender: Male
Age: Various (but preference is 20s-30s)

Ensemble – Minister Henry T. Dobson. Luke and John (will be played differently, so no ethnicity requirement). Bartender. Reporter. Photographer. FBI agents. Old Woman in a Wheelchair. Other Sailors (2-4), Ship’s Passengers. Doubling is likely for these parts. All will sing with the Ensemble. MOST will dance. MOST will TAP DANCE.

Gender: Both
Age: Various
Voice: Various


***Ages are Stage Age – if you can look it, you can play it!***

The Players Club of Swarthmore is an all-volunteer organization. All roles are unpaid and Non-Equity.

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