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Auditions: Detroit

September 3rd, 2019

The Players Club of Swarthmore will be holding auditions for the Main Stage production of Detroit by Lisa D’Amour on Monday, December 2, 2019 at 7PM.

Auditions: Monday, December 2nd at 7pm. Sign in at the Players Club lobby. No appointment is necessary. Cold readings from the script.
Callbacks: Wednesday, December 11th at 7pm.
Read Through on Tuesday, January 7th, 2020.
Rehearsals begin January 19, Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday.
Show Dates are March 13th – 28th.
The director is George Mulford who can be emailed with any questions at mulford@udel.edu
Detroit is a dark comedy set in a “first-ring suburb” of a mid-sized American city. When first performed in 2010, it was taken as the defining play of the 2008 recession, but it’s ‘way bigger than that. The tension between the characters’ aspirations and their reality is funny and suspenseful, and the interplay between folks who have lived a comfortable suburban life and a young couple on the edge is keenly observed.


BEN – Raised in the United States, somewhere inland: Kansas City, maybe Denver. He worked at one bank for five years and another bank for six years. Recently laid off from his job.

Director’s Note: BEN is in his 30’s – 40’s. He’s been knocked off his comfortable moorings by losing his job, he’s striving to keep his cool.

MARY – Raised in the United States, somewhere inland: Kansas City, maybe Denver. Met Ben after work at a happy hour, when he was working in a bank and she was working as a paralegal assistant. Now she works as a paralegal at a small law firm.

Director’s Note: MARY could be a bit younger than Ben. Behind her affable exterior is a furious, charismatic intensity, but she’s also capable of unhinged eccentricity if she finds someone who can unhinge her. (Which she does.)

KENNY – Raised in several cities in California until he was twelve or thirteen, when his parents finally split up and he moved to Omaha with his mom. Now he works as a warehouse manager. Fresh out of major substance abuse rehab.

Director’s Note: KENNY is in his 30’s. Earnest, attractive, quietly capable. Or so it seems.

SHARON – Raised in Tucson, Arizona, until she was nine, when she and her mother moved to Columbus, Ohio, for two years and then to Indianapolis, where she went to high school. In her junior year her mother moved back to Arizona with her boyfriend, and Sharon lived with her best friend to finish school. Now Sharon works at a phone bank, answering customer service calls. Fresh out of major substance abuse rehab.

Director’s Note: SHARON is in her late 20’s to 30’s. Earnest, attractive, innocent, vulnerable, and uninhibited emotionally and sexually.

FRANK – Two generations older than the other characters. Maybe he's in his late seventies, early eighties? But he's spry, the kind of man who's been fixing his roof and rewiring the electricity on his house and taking care of his impeccable lawn for many years. He's happy.

Director’s Note: The author’s description of FRANK, above, says it all. Frank first appears four pages before the end of the play, but those four pages belong to him.


Ages, as always, are based on the impression you make, not what it says on your birth certificate. ALL these characters have bravura page-long soliloquies, some of which will be used in the auditions.

The Players Club of Swarthmore is an all-volunteer organization. All roles are unpaid and Non-Equity.

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