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Old Time Radio Show “The Magic Christmas Tree”

December 14th, 2020

Available on PCS YouTube Channel Starting Dec. 23, 7:30 p.m.
Length of show – Approx. 30 minutes
Cost – Free
The year 2020 can’t end soon enough, but before we move on to 2021, how about travelling back to a more simpler time for some Holiday fun? How far back? Let’s set the Delorean to Christmas Eve, 1950. That’s when the original radio Broadcast of Our Miss Brooks was heard across the country on CBS-affiliated stations. The original show, starring Eve Arden, eventually became a popular television series, but 70 years ago this Christmas, it was still just one of the radio programs that families listened to while huddled around their Philco Console Radio, drinking Ovaltine.
The Players Club of Swarthmore, under the direction of Anthony SanFilippo, is bringing this vintage comedy back to life for audiences to enjoy while staying safe at home this holiday season.
This episode of Our Miss Brooks is titled “The Magic Christmas Tree.” In it, Madison High School English Teacher Miss Connie Brooks (Emily-Grace Murray) finds herself home alone on Christmas Eve as her colleague, and love interest, Mr. Philip Boynton (John Casertano), is going out of town to visit his parents for the holiday. However, a small urchin (Jeff Martin) knocks on her door to try to sell her a Christmas Tree, and in an effort to complete the sale, convinces Miss Brooks that the tree is magic. Skeptical, Miss Brooks buys the little tree anyway and puts it in her living room. And, when unexpected guests arrive at her apartment, the magic of the holiday season comes to life with hilarious results.
If you like this production and want to see (or hear) more offerings like it, or just want to support the Players Club during this unusual time for performing arts venues, Tax deductible donations are greatly appreciated and can be accepted here!

Full Cast (In order of appearance):
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