James and the Giant Peach

May 18th, 2014


Dramatized by: Richard R. George
From the book by Roald Dahl

Directed by: Matthew Prince

Produced by special arrangement with the Dramatic Publishing Company, Woodstock, IL.

Production dates:
All Performance’s on PCS 2nd Stage

Day Date Time
Friday April 11th 7:00 PM
Saturday April 12th 4:30 PM
Sunday April 13th 11:00 AM
Friday April 18th 7:00 PM
Saturday April 19th 4:30 PM

Ticket Prices: Adults are $10.00 each and Children under 12 are $8.00, Cash and Check only. All Children 2 and Under are Free. Anyone 3 or older needs to pay the general admission price. There are no pre-sale tickets. All Tickets are sold at the door, the day of the performance.

Group Rate: We do offer group rates for groups of 15 or more. The group rate is $9.00 for Adults (13 and older) and $7.00 for Children (3-12 years old). If you know of a group coming to one of your performances please contact childrenstheater@pcstheater.org.

Birthday Parties: We offer birthday packages for parents to bring their child’s birthday party to the show. We offer cupcakes and a special meet and greet with the characters. Email us at childrenstheater@pcstheater.org for more details!

A magical peach! An imprisoned boy! Insect friends! An incredible journey! This amazing adventure of James Henry Trotter will fulfill the fantasy of anyone who has ever dreamed of escape. Roald Dahl’s story comes hilariously to life in this delightful dramatization that reveals the wickedness of some, the goodness of others, and the indecision encountered by many when they are faced with crises. You will see James (as he cleverly gets the Peach out of danger), the wise Old-Green-Grasshopper and the pessimistic Earthworm. You will also see James’ mean Aunt Spiker and cruel Aunt Sponge come to a suitably sticky end. The action is tied together by the Narrator, a storyteller, motivator, emcee and audience friend. (Recommended for Children 5 and up)



Character Performer
James Trotter Andrew Goren
Narrator / Little Old Man David Griffith
Aunt Sponge Cathy Baum
Aunt Spiker Susan Triggiani
Mother / Second Officer / Crowd Member/Cloud Man Lauri Jacobs
Father / Captain / Crowd Member / Cloud Man Patrick O’Neill
Old-Green-Grasshopper Emily Mattison
Silkworm / First officer / Crowd Member Amy Cylinder
Centipede Jonathan Steadman
Spider Sarah Kirk
Ladybug Emily Fishman
Earthworm Kenny Fischer
Glow-worm Allison Koechig


Production Staff
Director Kristy Boyer Chen
Director Matthew Prince
Producers Jim Carroll and Cathy Baum
Lighting Designer Ryan Stone
Sound Designer Davida Weiler-Stone
Costume Designer Becky McBreen Wright



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