Peter Pan

May 8th, 2015


Based on the Book by Sir James M. Barrie
Lyrics by Carolyn Leigh
Music by Morris “Moose” Charlap
Additional Lyrics by Betty Comden & Aldolph Green

Directed by: Teddie Psitos


October 2014
Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun.
24 25 26
30 31


November 2014
Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun.
1 2
5 6 7 8 9


Wednesday and Thursday performances are at 7:30 PM
Friday and Saturday performances are at 8:00 PM
Sunday matinees are at 2:00 PM

Group rates available! For more information send email to busdev@pcstheater.

Come with us where dreams are born and time is never planned. Join Wendy, Michael and John as they take the second star to the right and head to Neverland along with Peter- the boy who won’t grow up. Featuring such classic songs as “I’m Flying,” ”I’ve Gotta Crow,” “Neverland” and “I Won’t Grow Up,” our live orchestra and real flying by Foy will delight dreamers of all ages.


Character Performer
Wendy Darling Anna Ferrigno
John Darling Nick Shaffer
Liza Megan Schulz*
Michael Darling Will Rubin*
Nana Laura Kuserk*
Mrs. Darling Mimi Meserve*
Mr. Darling Jeffrey Berry*
Peter Pan Amanda W. Panrock
Lost Boys
Slightly Danny Walsh
Tootles Alan Oruska*
Curly Liam Shaffer
Nibs Anthony Flamminio
Twins Andrew SanFilippo,
Owen Burk*
Marbles Emily Branes-Huff*
Pockets Luke Branes-Huff*
Too Small Alli Buchanan
Captain Hook Brian Walsh
Smee George Mulford
The Crocodile Laura Kuserk*
Tiger Lily Maria Byers
Starkey Stephen Langley
Cecco Glen Haber
Noodler Nicholas Fox*
Mullins Ryan Stone
Jukes Ann Bacharach
Skully Joe Seifrit*
Bones Doris Chan*
Goldtooth Jeffrey Berry*
Adult Wendy Lauren Smith Wiseley
Jane, her daughter Zoe Bock
Indians Serina Addona*,
Zoe Bock,
Stacy DiCandilo*,
Liz Iannacci,
Kiera Mersky*,
Clare Simmonds,
Molly Thornton*

*PCS Main Stage debut

Production Staff
Director Teddie Psitos
Producer Mary Leigh Filippone
Music Director Jackie Langley
Choreographer Meghan Dietzler
Choreographer / Assistant Director Kristina Psitos
Choreographer Allison Gerrard
Choreographer Abby Shunskis
Accompanist / Orchestra Coordinator Pete Bretz
Orchestra Conductor Nick Pignataro
Set Designer / Master Carpenter Jimmy Psitos
Set Designer / Master Carpenter / Stage Manager Dave Lowdermilk
Assistant Stage Manager Samantha Moscony
Lighting Designer / Light Board Operator Tom Lee
Scenic Designer Sandy Goldborough
Scenic Designer Lois Gordon
Scenic Designer Lise Fishman
Sound Consultant Bill Whipple
Sound Operation Rich Wright
Costume Designer Missy Lowdermilk
Costume Designer Becky Wright
Costume Designer Tim Bruno
Props Laura Kuserk
Props Hannah Wisniewski
Makeup Bob Moore
Stage Crew John Bucci
Stage Crew Katelyn Graham
Stage Crew Chris Stone
Flyer Vince Deery
Flyer Francis Dallatore
Flyer Steve Wiseley
Flyer Steve Langley
Flyer Jordan Gerrard


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    Photos by: Jim Carroll & Jill Lee

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