May 30th, 2022

Music By Mark Hollman
Book By George Kotis
Lyrics By Hollman & Kotis
Directed by: Amanda Pasquini


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Urinetown is a hilarious satire of capitalism, Broadway shows, and pretty much everything else. The idea is that a major corporation has locked up a monopoly on every public toilet in the land. They’re charging an entry fee, of course, and the government has decreed that water is so scarce that nobody is allowed to use their private facilities. It’s all great fun and the musical numbers are catchy to say the least.


Cast List
Bobby Strong
Kevin Gehringer
Hope Cladwell
Hanae Togami
Penelope Pennywise
Zoi MG McNamara
Officer Lockstock
Jon Harris*
Little Sally
Colleen Murphy*
Caldwell B. Cladwell
Thomas Stone*
Mr. McQueen
Nick Sewchek
Senator Fipp
Asher Chancey
Officer Barrel
Gerald Koledin*
Hot Blades Harry
Greg Hedler
Tiny Tom
Matthew Moorhead
Soupy Sue
Lindsay Cusatis
Lil Becky Two Shoes
Laura Barron
Robbie the Stockfish
Kyle Mclemore
Billy Boy Bill
PJ Williams
Josephine Strong
Lauren Kerstetter
Mrs. Millennium
Connie Pelesh
Courtney Bundens*
Piper Charlton*

(* = PCS Main Stage debut)

Production Staff
Amanda Pasquini
Devon Sinclair
Assistant Choreographer
Karla Bradley
Music Director
Nora McDonnell
Stage Manager
Taylor Kellar
Assistant Director
Nora Gair
Technical Director
Ed Robins
Anne Marie Scalies
Ally Greene Perez
Costume Designer
Reba Ferdman
Costume Designer
Betsy Berwick
Set Designer
PJ Williams
Eileen Wiley
Lighting Designer
Kenny Yau
Sound Designer
Sabrina Boyd-Surka


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