New Play Festival

July 17th, 2018

Curated by: Michael Steven Schultz


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  • July
  • Fri.
  • Sat.
  • Sun.


Curtain times: Friday at 8 pm / Saturday at 8 pm / Sunday at 2 pm
Ticket Prices: Admission $10 online or at the door. Subscription vouchers for the current season are also accepted.


These are readings (not staged works) with the primary purpose of allowing the playwrights to see how their works “play.” We absolutely want friends and family (and “others!”) to come and participate in the feedback discussions.


In July 2018, the Players Club will again provide a space for some New Plays to be heard. Up to four plays will be selected, and each will be given a single-night reading, to allow the playwright to hear his/her work and take their play to the next level. We invite our PCS community to come discover new work, and participate in sharing your responses with the artists.





WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU KNEW? by Gwen Ottinger (Philadelphia)
Friday, July 20th @ 8pm
Directed by Dani Kennedy
Seventeen-year old Toni is in danger. Her friend Emma could be her best ally in escaping her abusive mother, but Toni is ashamed of her circumstances and desperate to keep Emma from discovering the truth. As the girls’ growing closeness disrupts the status quo in both of their homes, Toni and Emma each must make difficult choices between her friend, her family, and her future
HAVING A BALL WITH GOD by David Garrett Shaw (Levittown)
Saturday, July 21st @ 8pm
Directed by Tim Oskin
Chad is in a hotel, getting high with “JC”. An outrageous, funny and thoughtful cavalcade of arguments, writing on the walls, sleep deprived madness, personal accountability and an eight-ball of crystal meth. Will Chad’s long conversation with “JC” lead him finally to rehab?
REV by Rachel Bykowski (Chicago)
Sunday, July 22nd @ 2pm
Directed by LeAnne Mangano
A Midwestern, middle class story about what makes you call a piece of land, home. Camaro Gibson loves only three things in this life: strawberry glazed donuts, her Daddy, and Route 66. For the last ten years, since her daddy passed away, she has been trying to get that baby to rev, to take Route 66 all the way across the country to the end. But until then she shows up for work every day. Whether it’s the motor oil, diesel fuel, or rusty carbonators, she keeps plunging her hands in the grease because it feels like home.



We will announce cast lists and other information as we have it.

We received 42 plays to consider, and we thank Kathleen Senkow and Tom Irvin for their participation in the selection process. We chose nine plays for final consideration, and want to give honorable mention to the six we did not select; they are all worthy plays, and we hope they find a reading or production somewhere.
Bleeding in B&W by Rick Goodwin
Blood in Your Bones by Bex Frankeberger
Go Down, Moses by Dana Leslie Goldstein
Mortar and Pestle by Stuart Warmflash
Onaje by Robert Bowie
The Quiet Zone by Augusto Amador

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