I Love You Because: Q & A with Jeff Martin

February 3rd, 2016


NYC Man in our upcoming Main Stage production, I Love You Because*
PCS: What is your favorite love song and why?

JM: “Maybe I’m Amazed.” The lyrics emphasize how confusing and overpowering love is:. When you’ve found a love that fills you up, you want to spend your lifetime finding all the reasons why it works so well. Plus, Paul McCartney’s voice.

PCS: Where is your favorite place to visit in NYC and why?

JM: I was once visiting NYC and killing some time between a Broadway matinee and an evening concert. I sat at one of those tables in the area near Times Square and read a book about the end of the world, and something about the combination of the two made the experience so immersive. So, while Times Square might not actually be my favorite spot, it is the spot of my most vivid personal experience in NYC.

PCS: Where / What is your favorite watering hole?

JM: Cavanaugh’s in Rittenhouse Square. The servers there know me and what I like, and always recommend great beer.

PCS: Please tell us someone you love and why you love them. “I Love You Because…”

JM: Maddie Pipe, I love you because you are hope and joy. You’re the future of our family, and I couldn’t be prouder to be your uncle.


PCS: Who was your first crush?

JM: Sarah McLaughlin in fourth grade. We had to do some kind of project together that involved making a duck from modeling clay. We hung out for three out of four afternoons for one week. It was magical.

PCS: What celebrity would you want to meet for coffee and why?

JM: Joss Whedon. We could talk about the early days of Pixar, all his brilliant but cancelled TV series, musicals, Shakespeare…I think Joss Whedon and I would be friends.

PCS: Aside from necessities, what is one thing you could not go a day without?

JM: Music. I could not and do not go a day without listening to some kind of music.

PCS: What is your favorite holiday and why?

JM: I’m a big fan of Memorial Day. It has all my favorite things: The Shore, summer beers, grilling and friends.

PCS: What makes you laugh the most?

JM: Puns. It must be the English major in me, but I love wordplay.


Jeff Martin also performs with the PCS Improve Troupe, BIts & PieCeS. They will be performing on Second Stage following the Feb 20th Performance of I Love You Because.


I Love You Because runs February 12th – 27th on Main Stage at PCS.


Tickets are available by clicking here.


*February 25th – 27th performances only

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